About Deana

At Peterborough Chiropractic your transformation is our highest priority, to this end we are excited to offer Zen Shiatsu with Deana Darby.

Deana brings with her 25 years of experience working in the healing arts. In addition to Zen Shiatsu she has maintained a practice in Classical Homeopathy, as well as energetic and intuitive healing. Her extensive training in meditation and various healing modalities has recently led her to pursue a practice supporting individuals who are dying, and wish to do so consciously. Deana is a life-long learner who will continue to pursue her passion as a practitioner of the healing arts and a consultant for conscious living and dying.

To learn more please call Deana at 603-809-3396. Appointments can be booked either through Judy at Peterborough Chiropractic or by calling Deana.