KST: Empiricle, Expressive, Vitalistic!

Empiricle,  Expressive, Vitalistic!  That's KST (Koren Specific Technique).  Truly a breakthrough in healthcare, truly a effective technique!  What sets Dr. Heather's approach (KST) apart from other chiropractic techniques, is her specialized attention to the cranium.  She works with the delicate bones that comprise head to assure a healthy flow of the nutritive fluid (csf) surrounding the brain and spinal cord.  The results of which are tonic to the entire nervous system.  "The work is so much fun...and it feels so good to get adjusted!  People leave here feeling alive, awake, rejuvenated and out of pain.  I feel so blessed to watch the healing unfold... and it does each and every day with KST!" Says, Dr Heather.