Meet the Doctor

  • Dr.
    Saibhung Kaur Khalsa

    Dr. Saibhung Kaur Khalsa, DC began her journey of understanding the body, at a young age. A lifelong meditator, Saibhung traveled to India at 18 years old in pursuit of her own existential questions. Her inspiration to study the healing arts and chiropractic came as she bore witness to the dynamic life force energy in Esalen massage, Siddha yoga, Gestalt Therapy, and Reichian/Gestalt emotional release work.

    A licensed chiropractor committed to serving the Monadnock Region, Dr. Saibhung Kaur Khalsa holds a BA in Humanistic Psychology from Sonoma State University in Rohnert Park, California 1986, and graduated Magna Cum Laude from Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, CA 1992.

    As a KST chiropractor, Dr. Saibhung utilizes the many teachings she has received on her journey, which have helped contribute to her understanding of the body as an inherently wise, and self-healing mechanism. She also shares experience in her studies of Holotropic Breathwork, advanced yogic breathwork, and movement therapy. Her professional studies include: Network Spinal Analysis, and Milne craniosacral work (poetic, energetic, and neurologic techniques). Dr. Saibhung's conviction has been strengthened further as she has been witness to these many healing opportunities. It is her belief that the power that made the body, lies within the body and is available in a very real way. Dr. Saibhung's lifelong passion is helping people access their healing consciousness and expand into the full potential of their being.