Inspired Chiropractic Care

-A powerful method of healing that meets you wherever you are

-Takes time to understand you, your body, and your unique situation

-Specializes in specific, gentle adjusting and cranial work​

-Integration of Class IV laser therapy to reduce pain and increase healing​

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Increase Resilience to Stress and Live Vibrantly!

We welcome you into our eco-infused, state-of-the-art facility where you are invited to increase awareness in your body, experience a greater sense of ease, and access your vitality.

It is possible to drop your physical and emotional stress!

Recently published in the Monadnock Ledger Transcript:

Do you have a feeling that your light can shine brighter? Do you know that you are an energetic being? Do you know that resilience is your birthright? We all work towards optimal health, yet sometimes we forget that human beings are resilient, energetic and adaptable. Chiropractic can support you in realizing and attaining your highest health goals.

Essentially, there are three stressors on the human form, and they are all connected to one another.

They include:

  • Physical stressors such as: slips and falls, repetitive use, motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries...
  • Chemical stressors such as: overeating, smoking, substance abuse, viruses, fungus, bacteria and parasites.
  • Emotional stressors such as: grief, anger, fear, trauma, lack of confidence...

When the body is in perfect harmony, it possesses the inherent wisdom that brings it into balance naturally. In the complex world that we live in, this natural ability is becoming more and more rare. Often we need some help to overcome stressors. Chiropractic is one way to nourish the body's natural healing tendency. Chiropractors need not use force to release the blocks that obstruct the flow of energy. Through non-force adjusting the body intuitively connects with the life force and healing is allowed to unfold.

You are an energetic being born with resilience. Non-force chiropractic treatment can help you become aware of this and shine brightly in the world, age gracefully and feel like yourself again.

Saibhung Kaur Khalsa, DC

Peterborough Chiropractic


Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I've had a lot of body work done in my life and I've never had anybody that's as wise and thorough and willing to dig in...and she's got the intuitive piece."

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